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Eddie Lee (vocals) John Lazos (guitar) Chris Miller (Bass) Nicole Rowe (Sax) Francis Ovie (keyboards) Rody Braga (drums)


The ZARRS are a London based band building a great reputation as the "band to rock with" around England. Playing their high energy music to enthusiastic audiences at such famous venues as London's 100 Club, Dublin Castle, The Water Rats and The Half Moon, supporting international touring acts and 70's comeback stars (inc. Curved Air & Rose Royce) The ZARRS are a band on the move and the direction is up. Sales of their first album "May Contain Nuts" broke all expectations and garnered a worldwide fan base who eagerly await the second album, a more rock orientated offering, due for release in late June 2013. With original music that gets audiences onto their feet (and moving them), The ZARRS are not only about quality musicianship but more importantly about live audience enjoyment. Check them out on their website at - and
The ZARRS will rock your house.

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Two Guitars
Keyboards (2 inputs)
4-5 mics

The ZARRS are a unique breed, blending great song craft with subtle musicianship, great chorus lines, interesting subject material and a live performance, which doesn’t fail to get you shakin’ your thang! The Music Press - Feb 3, 2012. For those of you looking for a current band with that classic rock/pop rock sound this one is for you! This six member band from London, UK sounds great and their music really backs up their claim of being “ultra-accessible”. Similar artists include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Doors, and Kasabian. From PaperBlog - Nov 28, 2012

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