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wayne lawrence - lead vox-guitar
stuart haugh - trombone , bvs
mikey smithy - keys , bvs
james renford - sax , bvs
david skins - drims
anthony Boot - Bass


X.O.V.A. Biography

NEWSFLASH ; XOVA have just won a place at the massive ISLE of WIGHT Festival 2013 as one of the best of 2700 unsigned bands in the UK who entered

XOVA’s new soon to be released is the finest British POP reggae album since UB40 released Signing off – Mike Davies [ Brumbeat ]

But who are XOVA….
When the first thrilling wave of racially diverse roots-reggae and ska bands burst out of the Midlands in the late 1970s and revolutionised Britain’s musical and cultural landscape, the country was facing economic depression, massive social unrest, a lack of faith in the political system and, come 1982, an overseas crisis and a pointless war in The Falklands.

It seems that little has changed in the interim.

Enter X.O.V.A.

From Birmingham, numbering six in their ranks, X.O.V.A. are multi-racial, multi-generational masters of a vibrant and muscular rocking-roots sound that harks back to the sound and vision of the past, fired up by social and political unrest issues as well as affairs of the heart. But they are also the sound of 2013, fusing their rock-reggae base with the breadth of the modern world - ska, pop, dubstep, blues, Motown and folk, infused with protest and pain, but also hope.

The band have had headline and festival dates lined up throughout 2012, booked and rebooked by promoters following sell out and roof-raising shows including some prestigious support slots with legendary bands like The Skatellites and a home town Birmingham Town Hall Xmas gig with The Beat, who they are now working on a collaboration track for release in 2013

2013 see’s them heading off to the USA, as NBC TV NEW YORK flew into film them in December 2012 for filming early 2013, and more UK support slots with The Spin Doctors and The Selector confirmed in between there own dates, .

They have also just completed filming a movie based on the infamous NO11 Bus route and the many musical influences that have inspired the band along the route. The film features cameos from the likes of UB40, THE BEAT, WONDERSTUFF, FUZZBOX, MUSICAL YOUTH and many more, this will be released early in 2013 and accompanied by 11 webisodes on the bands website

The latest release THE SOHO RD SESSIONS ,came out on Itunes Late 2012 and has the lead track of 9 LIVES which is accompanied by a quality video directed by Alex Kyrou [ Tim Burton asst ] this has helped get the band NATIONAL UK RADIO on BBC 2 [ Alex Lester ] and BBC6 [ Tom Robinson ] where Tom commented ‘ This Is one of the tightest bands I have heard in a very Long time ‘

Regional Radio’s such as BBC INTRODUCING, ‘ Q RADIO’ SCRATCH and many others now coming on board to support including some great press from the likes of ECHOES MUSIC MAGAZINE [ UKs Essential Black music monthly } who rave about the band .
Debut album Synchronise Your Leader’s is due to released in the spring 2013 .

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Simple Backline Requirements
5 Shell Drum Kit / 2 tier Key stand, Bass rig - we carry everything else including radio units for our brass section;

Tech spec – input list JAN 2013

Tech Spec effective JAN13

01 Kick Comp / Gate
02 Snare Comp / Gate
03 Hi Hat
04 Rack 1 Gate
05 Rack 2 Gate
06 Timbale Gate
07 Overhead L
08 Overhead R
09 Octipad elec drum Di
10 Bass Guitar Comp Di /
11 Electric Guitar
12 Korg M1 keyboard Left Di
13 Korg M3 Keyboard Left & Right Di { if no stereo avail just left ok }
14 Korg Triton Left Di
15 Roland Sampler Left Di
16 Sax Comp RADIO UNIT [we carry]
17 Trombone Comp RADIO UNIT [ we carry ]
18 Backing Vocal 1 Keyboards Comp
19 Backing Vocal 2 Saxophone Comp
20 Backing Vocal 3 Trombone Comp
21 Lead Vocal Comp

5 way on stage mix
2 = DRUMS /
3 = KEYS /
4 = SAX

2x Digital Reverb
2x Digital Delays
12x Compressors
3x Noise Gates 4 x Di Boxes with Jack leads (2m long)

roots and branches / the beat • Home ; record reviews march 2013 ; mike davies march 2013 • XOVA • • Not due out for a couple of months, let me say now X.O.V.A ’s debut album, Synchronise Your Leaders, is the best British reggae album since Signing Off and while the UB40 influence and comparisons may be obvious, both in the music and the political lyrics, the multi-ethnic, multi-generational seven piece has an identity firmly its own. Upholding reggae tradition, opening cut Chillout Maximum celebrates the ‘plant that grows out the earth’, but the track itself embraces not only brass driven reggae but also psychedelia, dub and a very tasty rock guitar solo exemplifying that, unlike the Yoobees, they aren’t afraid to think outside the genre box too. Indeed, both Lullaby and Yeah Yeah Yeah completely upend expectations by sounding like classy boy band ballads, the latter the sort of song that could give Take That a #1, and underlying the versatility and impressive vocal talent of singer Wayne Lawrence. Featuring past singles Knife Crime City and 9 Lives, I’ll review the album in more detail when it’s released, but for now I should mention upcoming single Little Lion which again departs from the reggae sound in favour of lilting acoustic Celtic pop with orchestral stings and flute. Written about Lawrence’s sister Wendy, who suffers from Cronhs (an inflammatory bowel disease), it’s a terrific and swayingly melodic life-affirming inspirational anthem about support, courage and the refusal to accept the hand fate deals and its release is being backed by Crohn's and Colitis UK, the charity dedicated to helping those diagnosed with IDB. Given the Radio 2 support is deserves, it has the potential to be a massive success and is already one of my Top 10 songs of the year.' --------------------------- Legend that is ROBIN VALK DJ and a great supporter of our band has just included us in his 2012 round up a couple of times, as he loved 9 LIVES - video and name checked us as ' having high hopes for XOVA in breaking thru in 2013' - we agree... mate. thats the plan....HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ROBIN AND EVERYONE OUT THERE IN MUSIC LAND http://radiotogo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/looking-back-over-2012.html?utm_source=Radio+To+Go+Blog+Mailout&utm_campaign=e2cd65955d-Radio_To_Go_blog_mailout_31_Dec_201212_31_2012&utm_medium=emailSee More --------------------------------- XOVA press “The track 9 Lives with its strident groove is an undeniable summer vibe which channels ska energies alongside guitar licks that can only begin to hin at the musicianship and songwriting talents within the band. Lyrically, the song acts as a confessional for leadvocalist Wayne Lawrence as he laments about the trials and tribulations that come about with love and other relationships. With seven members spanning several decades in age, wildly varied backgrounds and raised on everything from Bhangra to The Beatles, X.O.V.A. were always going to defy convention and genre. Many bands fall apart due to ‘artistic differences’; but it is exactly that which the band uses to their advantage. As their name suggests, ‘crossing over’ is clearly no challenge to them and they’ll do everything in their power to make the transition to global success. Judging by their rate of overcoming obstacles, I wouldn’t bet against it.” Carribean UK Connection - XOVA '9 Lives Review' “X.O.V.A hails from Birmingham, which makes comparisons to early UB40 inevitable since their music’s steeped in late seventies reggae and has similar ingredients – namely a full horn section, earnest white boy vocals, conscious lyrics and dub-fuelled mix.Whilst their sound is nothing new the lyrics are only too relevant, since they call for an end to the knife crime thats breaking hearts in communities all over England. Their drummer’s teenage son was a victim of Brmingham’s gang wars, which lends their message even greater resonance. This single has been released in conjunction with UK youth charity Leap, who like X.O.V.A themselves, are trying to make a difference. respect is due.” Echoes Magazine - Echoes Magazine - XOVA - 'Knife Crime City' Review “Xova played with The Skatalites earlier this year and are supporting The Beat on a selection of gigs leading up to Christmas to promote the EP which is getting support from BBC Radio 2, BBC WM, Leicester & others along with press coverage in Echos Magazine, The Voice, Itz Caribbean & others. They were also the only band to represent Birmingham in the Olympic Park by playing at the Emerging Icons stage during the games and have done some great live sessions for BBC Radio. They have an explosive live set that includes a full horn section + a great batch of songs. On the subject of giving back, they work alongside youth against conflict charity L.E.A.P fighting knife crime and other social injustices (see attached press release for more info)” Sarah Bargiela - XOVA - By Focus Entertainment Blog “This is one of the Tightest bands i’ve heard in a long time, wonderful sharp playing – beautifully recorded” Tom Robinson - BBC 6 “The opinions of a society at war with gripes and pain, yet hopes and promise of change are combined with a pleasing mix of R&B ballads and Reggae tunes making this 14 track CD very listenable and though provoking. There is the occasional love theme thrown in notably ’ All This Time’ which is very mood setting and mellow. The vocals throughout are consistently strong, the lyrics are convincing, and the musicians display high levels of talent and diversity. Whilst this is not my genre range, i enjoyed the experience and it has relaxed my previous conceptions of such a style of music. Expand your mind you will be glad you did.” Mel - Ryans Gig Guides - XOVA - pressures of life CD review “XOVA is actually pronounced ‘Crossover’, and the good news is that this text speak is actually the worst thing about the band, who manage to step outside the badly worn ska template by taking on more reggae influences, plus a little bit of modern hip-hop thinking, producing a horn heavy sound that still sounds fresh. They’re releasing the ‘Soho Road Sessions’, including the track 9 Lives (streaming below), and it has summer hit written all over it… so it’s a shame it’s October really, but they’ll give you some bounce to see you through to next year.” Media Monkey - Supajam.com ““IF WE stand next to each other, it’s like a queue in a job centre! But it just works.” This is how one of the members of Birmingham band X.O.V.A, pronounced crossover, describes the synergy among the multi-racial and inter-generational six-strong reggae group that is making waves in the city and the wider UK. Fresh from their own version of Olympic glory where they were invited to play just outside the main stadium in the Spectator Experience, X.O.V.A is transcending boundaries, while not forgetting their roots. Although there may be a wide age gap among members of the group, with some being old enough to be the fathers of the others – it has served as a positive source of strength rather than being a problem for the group. Yet the group of reggae entertainers is kept even closer by life altering circumstances, each member’s being different. For instance the band’s drummer, known as Skins, lost his son Dimitri to Birmingham’s gun culture when he was shot dead four years ” XOVA Interview (Extract) - The Voice Online “Q. Tell us about your strangest experience in the music industry so far. A. Well, of course being on the road leads it and us into some really strange places and countries; which is always exciting as we get to meet some weird and wonderful people, but as for strangest…we turned up for a live TV show in Lithuania and the drummer had left all his sticks back at the hotel, so we improvised as there was an interview with some Red Indians before hand and our Tour Manager borrowed some of the arrows!!! We quickly got rid of the feathers and used them. After our performance we heard the Indian guys going mad as two of their arrows were missing and they were really old and valuable. They wanted to know what had happened to them. We left through the back exit quietly… SEE THE REST OF THE INTERVIEW AT THE PROVIDED LINK” Music X -Ray - Xova - Featured Artist Of The Week “From the early moments of The Soho Road Sessions, it is clear that there is something special about Midlands reggae rockers XOVA. Kicking off with 9 Lives, the British band bounce into life with an uber-tight horn section, an indescribably delicious bass tone and subtle yet complementary keyboard decoration. On top of this lies a sincerely soulful vocal performance that gives a strong front to XOVA’s highly developed sound and compositional competency. Beautifully layered horn parts and the perfection of the palm-muted guitar in the second verse are just two of the many understated elements that combine so effortlessly in what becomes a practically flawless start to the EP. The Birmingham-based band’s ska/rock influences emerge in the group’s Euro 2012 song Are You Ready?, particularly with the driving guitar and its lead that blisters with energy after the first anthemic chorus.” WWW.ROOMTHIRTEEN.COM - XOVA - THE SOHO ROAD SESSIONS “X.O.V.A. are multi-racial, multi-generational masters of a vibrant and muscular roots sound that harks back to the sound and vision of the past, fired up by social and political unrest issues as well as affairs of the heart. But the septet are also the sound of 2012, fusing their reggae base with the breadth of the modern world – ska, rock, dubstep, blues, Motown and folk, infused with protest and pain, but also hope. Driving the band on is a very real tragedy that inspired ‘Knife Crime City’, the first single from the album: the shooting and killing of drummer Skin’s teenage son, a victim of Birmingham’s gun culture and gang wars. Not for nothing is their new album called Synchronise Your Leaders the leaders of gang factions and countries alike. “Until everyone is on the same wavelength, peace has got no chance,” says singer/ guitarist and spokesman Wayne Lawrence. XOVA have recently been confirmed to play at the 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS on July 30th as part of the Spectator” www.thejitty.com “XOVA felt really privileged when they were invited to perform at the monumental Olympic Park on the Emerging Icons stage recently. Alongside the euphoric buzz that is The Olympics, XOVA took to the stage and had the audience in the palm of their hands belting out a powerful and strong 40 minute set. Live favourites Chillout Maximum and Norze had the crowd on their feet and lead track 9 Lives, from their upcoming EP The Soho Road Sessions received a rapturous applause as the sun set over the iconic Olympic skyline. The Olympics is a milestone in bringing the world together and the sense of spirit has definitely uplifted over the past two weeks which was really apparent during the gig. Lead singer Wayne Lawrence reeled “it was good to see that our music translates to all nations, this is what is so special about XOVA“.” Futurproof PR

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