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Sleepin Pillow

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•Antoine-keys and guitars
•Nick Jacqueline-wind pipes and percussions
•The Skinman-drums


Sleepin Pillow is a 6 member band formed in 2004, in Thessaloniki – Greece. The band’s music philosophy is based on bringing together modern psychedelic rock along with greek and eastern traditional music and English lyrics.

In June 2008 Sleepin Pillow’s first album “Apples on an orange tree” was released by Shift records (Archangel Music). “Apples on an orange tree” is included in the Top Five of the best albums released in 2008 in Greece.
Amplifier in my heart is the first video clip from this album to have received significant airtime in local tv stations. 
Some of the album songs are resident on the play lists of the most famous radio stations in Greece.
The band has been interviewed by some of the most widely read music magazines and newspapers all over the country, while the band’s performances in Greece are receiving applauding reviews. . 
In April 2010 Sleepin Pillow's second album was released by Shift records under the name "Superman's blues"
Over the last few years the band's performing in Greece having taken the best critics ever. Supported by a light show and visual projection team, Sleepin Pillow's live performance is a total experience as the six members appear on stage almost undercover giving their light show a flavour of drama..
Now the band is no longer with any recording label.Digital distribution by Orchard.

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Input list

Inputs Mic or DI

1. Kick AKG D112, Audix D6
2. Snare Shure SM57, Audix I5
3. Hihat AKG C451
4. Tom1 Shure SM57, Audix D2, AKG C418
5. Tom2 Shure SM57, Audix D2, AKG C418
6. Floor Tom Shure SM57, Audix D4, AKG C418
7. Overhead AKG C451
8. Overhead AKG C451
9. Percussion Pad Active DI (BSS AR133, Klark Teknik DN100, etc)
10. BASS Active DI (BSS AR133, Klark Teknik DN100, etc)
11. BASS 2 Active DI (BSS AR133, Klark Teknik DN100, etc)
12. Beat –L (1) Active DI (BSS AR133, Klark Teknik DN100, etc)
13. Beat –R (1) Active DI (BSS AR133, Klark Teknik DN100, etc)
14. K/B –L (2) Active DI (BSS AR133, Klark Teknik DN100, etc)
15. K/B –R (2) Active DI (BSS AR133, Klark Teknik DN100, etc)
16. Elec.Gtr 1 Shure SM57
17. Elec.Gtr 2 (L) Shure SM57
18. Elec.Gtr 2 (R) Shure SM57
19. Soundcraft Mixer (L)
20. Soundcraft Mixer (R)
21. Accoustic Gtr Active DI (BSS AR133, Klark Teknik DN100, etc)
22. Vocals Shure SM58
23. Vocals Split From Channel 22
24-25. FX return Band
26-27. FX return Vocals
28-29. FX return Delay

Auxiliaries list

Aux 1 : Drums
Aux 2 : Bass
Aux 3 : Keys
Aux 4 : Electric guitar
Aux 5 : Percussion (wireless In-Ear set)
Aux 6 : Vox
Aux 7 : Side left
Aux 8 : Side right
Aux 9 : Fx1 Rev
Aux 10 : Fx2 Rev
Aux 11 : Fx3 Delay

Outboard Equipment FOH & Monitor

FOH mixer (at least 32ch, full parametric eq) : Digidesign Venue, Midas, Soundcraft MH or equivalent

Master Eq x1 : 2x31 XTA, BSS, Klark teknik, DBX, etc

FX units : x2 TC electronic M2000 or TC electronic M3000
x1 TC electronic D-two

1x channel Valve Preamp + Compressor, for vocals : Avalon, TLaudio, UA

4x channel Gate (Kick, Tom1, Tom2, Floor Tom)
4x channel Compressors (Kick, Snare, Bass, Vocals)

Graphic Eq 2x31 for monitors x6 : XTA, BSS, Klark Teknik

Monitor speakers x6 + x2 Sidefills (With processor!!!) :
Nexo, L’acoustics, HKaudio, Meyer, D&B audiotechnik or equivalent.
1x In ear wireless set (Shure PSM900 or
Sennheiser EW350 & Headsets Shure SCL5-535 or Westone UM2)

PA speakers : Nexo, L’acoustics, Meyer, D&B or equivalent
The PA system must be able to reproduce 117db of undistorted musical material at the mix position, with even coverage around the venue.
FOH position should be set approximately at the centre of the venue (set ups behind the PA speakers or in small booths will not be tolerated).


Drumkit : Bass Drum,Sner,Tom1,Tom2,Floor Tom,
Stands :3 stands for cymbals,snare stand,hihat stand,drum stool or throne
Yamaha,Pearl or equivalent
1x Riser large enough for the full Drum Kit, at least 30 Cm High

2 x Electric Guitar Amps :1x 2ch Full valve 1x12 Combo for small venue,or 1x2ch head Gtr amp 100w valve 4x12 for big stages and venues.
VOX, Marshall, Fender,or similar

Guitar Cabine :4x12 STEREO or 2x12 STEREO(ENGL or Marshall or equivalent)

Bass Amplifier: Hartke, Ashdown, Ampeg, SWR, minimum 400W(small venues)600w and up for big stages and venues
Bass Speaker : (4x10”)- SWR, Ashdown, Hartke, Ampeg,or similar +(1x18'') for big stages and venues

projector 5000ansi minimum+projector screen 4x4 minimum on the back of the stage

2 dual keyboard stand
1 guitar stand
1 acoustic guitar stand
2 bass stands

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