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I'm 17 year old boy from London. I can,Sing and write lyrics pretty easily and I can also Rap(That's what I started out doing),Until 2013 when I started to concentrate on singing.I can play the keyboard and a bit of the guitar,my plan's right now are to get as much sets around London as possible,to get my name know in the scene,then come out and just blow people away.Music:I listen to all types of music as you need different types of music for how you are feeling but the main singer's I listen to and can sing a few of their song perfectly are Usher,Trey songz and Miguel,Bruno mars I've started to focus on his music now as his voice is amazing seems so vulnerable untamed (I know it sound weird ahaha) what he and the people who write his songs create every time is unique. I didn't really have the singing voice I have now until I started lesson to improve now that I'm where I am now with my voice Oooo I use it everyday sing I reach the high note both my sister can reach and their both great singers but now I'm catching up, I belt I do everything and it feel great. From 9/03/13 I'll continue putting out you tube covers and songs I've written every week until you tube say I've passed the limit for uploading videos.

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camden rock camden rock 5 Sep 2012

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